How to Make a Change

Spending hours on facebook.

Watching too much TV.

Not exercising.

Eating out instead of making something healthy at home.

Going to bed too late and feeling rushed every morning.

Eating junk food when you’re feeling down.

All of these are examples of bad habits.  Some I’ve struggled with, others I haven’t.  But like any bad habit, these patterns are hard to change.  It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and feel like there’s no way of getting out.

But what if I want to see change? 

Every once in a while, in a moment of reflection, we realize there are things in our lives that we’d like to improve, change or adapt.  The easy part is identifying what these habits are.  The hard part is doing something about it. 

Last night I had a moment like this and realized a few not-so-great habits that my husband and I have created in our home.  Particularily the amount of time we waste watching TV and on the computer.  Many evenings we’ll eat dinner and then retreat to the living room and veg.  Now there’s nothing wrong with a little relaxation, but it’s become too much.  And it’s taking away from the quality time I want to spend with Alex and other important people in my life.  So this week we’re making a change.

It’s hard to think about changing all our bad habits at once, so this week we’ve made a small goal to not watch TV or use the computer other than to check e-mail once a day (or for me to do my writing).  It’s not a month, it’s just a week.  It’s something small but I’m hoping that from it we will spend more time together, more time in the word and more time with people we love.  This one little change will probably have a ripple effect in our lives and I’m guessing, will help change a few other bad habits we’ve formed. 

Instead of trying to tackle everything all at once, why not make a small, managable goal this week.  Maybe to not eat out, or to make your coffee in the morning instead of buying one.  Maybe don’t take your credit card or debit card out of the house this week and instead have a sum of cash and when it’s gone, stop.  Maybe you need to have a bath and relax one evening instead of checking another item off your to do list.  Maybe you could read a chapter of Psalms while you eat your breakfast instead of the morning paper. 

Let me know if you make a goal this week and how it’s going.  I’m excited to check back next Monday and fill you in on how this experience helps Alex and I get back on track!

One thought on “How to Make a Change

  1. Heather, Id love to hear how your goal turned out next monday as well. Mine is to have all five chapters of James written out on my que cards as a strategy for memorizing. I need to recite the whole book in the spring for a class and desire to do really well. Its a challenge that Im willing to pursue that will take patience and commitment as memorizing doesnt come easy to me. I pray that the words I memorize will also come alive in my life!!!

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