How to Overcome Fear

I spoke this weekend and it was hard.

It was hard because I brought Cohen along, and even though my amazing husband was there to help, I still felt distracted by nursing, naps and diaper-changing.

It was hard because after the first and second sessions I felt like I just wasn’t connecting, like maybe I’d lost my gift for speaking, or I was the wrong person for the job.

It was hard because I was afraid.  Afraid that what I had to offer just wasn’t good enough.  Ever been there?

But after the second session I reminded myself of a lesson I learned early on in my speaking ministry: Speaking is my act of worship to God.  It’s not about how hard the kids laugh, or how many tears they cry.  It’s about my heart, and bringing myself as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to the Lord. 

It’s about willingness and availability to be used by God.

Maybe you’re not a speaker, but each one of us has gifts, talents and passions we use everyday.  Are you ever afraid to use these gifts?  Afraid that maybe you aren’t good enough?  Like maybe someone else should be doing the job you’re doing?

May I challenge you to readjust your perspective?

Do what you do as worship.  After you finish whatever it is you do, offer it up as an act of worship to the Lord.  He doesn’t judge you the way the world does.

He looks at your heart.

When I finally got my heart right and reminded myself who I was speaking for, things changed.  The Saturday night session was absolutely amazing.  The Holy Spirit spoke through me and those listening responded to Him.  By the end of our hour together, a room full of teenagers and young adults stood, hands raised, inviting the Holy Spirit to fill them.  And as I stood off to the side, listening to our voices join in passionate worship to the Lord, my fears disappeared.

After the session I had the chance to pray with many of the campers and it was evident that God showed up in a powerful way.

He always does when we step out in faith, over fear.

“You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith.” – Mary Manin Morrissey

18 thoughts on “How to Overcome Fear

  1. That is some awesome advice, to offer what you love to do up as worship. I know I sit, blogging (or thinking about writing a book) and wonder if any cares or if I am being narcissistic. But in the end, God knows that I am doing what I love and that is what he put me on earth to do. Thanks for the kind comments on my blog too, by the way!

  2. heather there is not a time that i read your blog, that i don’t take away something from what you’ve said. I love this post and i can be the queen of excuses or talking myself out of going for something. But it always puts it in perspective whenever we do everything for and through Jesus and what He’s done in our life.

  3. Amen! I often have fear about things like this…I still have a hard time praying in a group…I don’t know why. I am always worried about “what do I have to say that’s important?” “What if they speak more eloquently than I?” I need to stop worrying and just speak my heart! 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

  4. Such a great post, Heather! I wish I could have been at more of your sessions! Especially the one on Saturday night – it sounds like it was amazing! I thought you did a great job.

    I’ll be trying to remember this post as I go about my day – trying to offer every single thing I do to God as worship. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Your posts have been hitting home for me big time during the past few days, my girl. Thanks for being so faithful in responding to God’s heart when you share. You’re the best and I love you!! XO

  6. thanks so much for speaking this weekend heather 🙂 it was awesome! glad we had a chance to talk a bit to !

  7. I’m so impressed by you! You are such an AMAZING example and a) Cohen is lucky to have you as a mom and b) those kids were lucky to have you as their speaker! LOVE, love love what you’re doing for God! 🙂

  8. WOW on so many levels. speaking as your act of worship, thats an amazing revelation. this spoke to me on many levels because my fear USED to be of public speaking. God kept bringing me out of my comfort zone and everytime i did it was purely out of my love for Him. you’re amazing girl. all your post are amazing.

  9. Heather, I sooo needed this! I am part of the worship team at church and although God gave me the gift of singing I have always been timid about it. Too nervous to really use it. I have been praying for Him to help me take myself and my pride out of the equation. He has done amazing things over the years and had brought me further than I could have hoped. This week I am being stretched in this area. Praying the Spirit uses me to help usher the congregation into worshiping Him in spite of myself. Thank you for this post.

  10. Heather, this gives me CHILLS! I’m so amazed by all that God is doing in your life! I have definitely let fear creep into various areas of my life and it’s something that I’m trying to give over to God! Thank you for this reminder. You’re incredible!

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