I didn’t really sleep last night…

…because this little fella was waking up ALL the time.

Don’t you love how he’s all like, “Who me?  I would never do that!”


He’s transitioning out of wanting to be tightly swaddled but we can’t figure out what to do next.  If we leave his arms out he won’t fall asleep.  If we tuck them in he fights it like a crazy man in a straight jacket.

We’ve tried just swaddling from the armpits down, with his arms out, but then they flail and scratch his little forehead and knock his soother out.

Any mommies out there have some advice for us?!?

3 thoughts on “I didn’t really sleep last night…

  1. I have no idea how you feel about this… we just came out of the exact same situation and what we found has worked for us is putting her on her tummy to sleep. It keeps her hands out of her face and she feels comfy like that. But I know they say ‘back to sleep’. I felt comfortable doing it because she is quite strong to push herself up and I don’t have anything loose like bumpers or blankets in the crib with her. That’s what’s been working for us… all the best! These little people are tricky and sure keep us on our toes!
    <3 crystal

  2. Oh the fun! We just found we had to wait it out and add extra sleeping time until baby figured out the new normal. The end of swaddling is tough, as is when they decide that they need to roll over all the time. Then standing. I remember when Aiden cried all night long when we were staying with family because he had just learned to pull up to standing but couldn’t get back down. We’d lay him back down and he’d pop right back up again!

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