I Really Love Him

Tonight I was hit with love like a ton of bricks.

I love the God who came as a baby.

The one who humbled himself, allowing himself to need the love and care of a humans.

And not just any humans. A teenaged girl and her husband.

I love the Jesus whose eyes must’ve been filled with wonder as he watched and learned – life unfolding before him.

I love that my God was just like my 6 month old son at one time.  He sat in the lap of a loving mother, a mother kind of like me.

He held the hand of a doting father, a father kind of like Alex.

To know the Son of God came to earth as a baby helps explain how…

…sometimes I feel like its God who’s looking up at me and loving me through the eyes of my baby boy.

As I watched the nativity scene reenacted in our church service this evening, and saw the wee hand of a babe reach up from the blankets,

I saw God reaching out to me.

Love came near.

Love reached out and continues to reach out each and every day.

Will you reach back?


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