Ich Liebe

1. I love watching my baby boy grow up.  This week he had his first haircut from his Auntie Jackie.  It was fun to see the transformation.

Doesn’t he look like such a little boy now?!?

2. Eating Soup.  I’ve been sick this week and there’s nothing like a good bowl of soup to comfort the soul.

3. Open, honest discussion.  In the past I’ve found it very hard to discuss important issues with people who strongly disagree with me.  However, I’m learning that I have so much to learn and that sometimes it’s okay to be wrong.  It’s also okay to be right and not agree.  As a reader so eloquently wrote to me today,

and while I definitely don’t agree with all your opinions, I love the firsthand look at your life you present through your blog. I believe compassionate understanding of other people is a value which goes a long way towards building a just and tolerant society.  So thanks for providing an avenue for doing just that.

What a compliment.

4. Seeing dreams come true.  My book is currently being formatted and will be released in February, 2012!!!  A little sneak peak at a snipet of my book cover…

5. Pinterest.  Yes, it’s official.  I’m hooked.  I’ve been thinking about duplicating this outfit but I don’t have the right jacket yet.


6. Listening to sermons online.  Have you ever heard anything from Bill Johnson or Chris Valloton of Bethel Church in Reddig, California?  So inspiring.

7. Cheese.  Who doesn’t love a good chunk of cheese?  This stuff is particularly wonderful and makes you look really fancy at a party (new years, for example!)

10 thoughts on “Ich Liebe

  1. Love this post! First of all, that kiddo has so much hair! My son’s hair all fell out after he was born. Your little one is just so cute!
    And eeeep! So excited about your book! How excited are you?? I can’t wait for its release. I’ll definitely be checking it out 🙂
    Third, I am a sermon podcast fanatic. I started podcasting the pastor of our current church, Matt Chandler, almost 2 years before we moved here, having no idea that we would be moving here! I used to listen to his sermons in the wee hours of the morning while I was nursing the baby.
    Have a wonderful weekend friend!

  2. oh my your little boy is just too precious! (still waiting for my little guy’s hair to even grow the littlest bit! hehe a haircut is still sooo far away) loved this post… may you and yours have a blessed new year! 🙂

  3. So many lovely things to be thankful for!
    Congrats on the book, that’s seriously amazing! And as for that outfit…it will look so sweet on you.

    Oh and if you love boursins cheese, you should go to Costco…you can buy it in bulk…yum! Happy New Year!

  4. Heather, have you ever listened to Greg Boyd, from Woodland Hills church in St.Paul? If you listen to sermons online I suggest you check it out, it’s actually my church, but he’s well known, so I thought i’d mention it to ya! No one like him!!!

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