Ich Liebe

Today’s list is all about things that are inspiring me and motivating me right now (plus a little bonus!) Hope you enjoy.

1. I continue to enjoy being “mentored” by Chris Caine through her podcasts, blog and her book. Her most recent podcast was just like sitting down with her for a cup of coffee. So inspiring and encouraging.

2. Big Surprise: I’m loving Ann Voskamp’s book and this week I started my own gratitude journal. I think I’m the last person in the WORLD to finally read this amazing work of art.

3. I always find the podcasts by Bethel Church in Reddig California filled with truth and grace and Jesus.  Alex often listens to them in them driving to and from work. For all you busy ones out there, your time in the car could become your daily time with the Lord!

4. My dear friend Amanda and her husband Jacob are currently staffing a DTS with the Global House of Prayer and YWAM.  They’re in the teaching part of the school and have been posting video of their sessions. I’ve been watching them ALL and feel like I’m apart of the school from afar.  You can find them HERE.

5. Every Tuesday I tune into MarieTV by Marie Forleo and find her so motivating and inspiring.  Her latest episode was an interview with female entrepreneur Danielle LaPorte. It was really interesting because although these women are not professed Christ-followers, some of the ideas they share are taken STRAIGHT from the bible.  Now this being said, you gotta be careful not to take their words as the truth, but weigh them against the bible before basing your life choices around them.  However, it’s some great food for thought for all you entrepreneurs out there.

6. I’m currently reading Lisa Bevere’s book, Lioness Arising.  It’s full of encouragement for women and I’d highly recommend it.


7. If you have a little one, and they’re grumpy, crabby, soggy, or generally in a funk, and you’re not 100% against showing them a video every once in awhile (or once a day if you’re desperate!) check this one out.  Cohen LOVES it and it gets him smiling and dancing every time.

What or who has been inspiring or encouraging you this week?


3 thoughts on “Ich Liebe

  1. nooo! Not the Ann Voskamp effect! Kidding aside, I can’t think of a single other popular Christian women’s writer who seems to inspire other bloggers to abandon their usual writing style to write in her particular brand of emotionally saturated, spiritually angst-ridden-yet-hopeful prose. While she has an amazing and personal style and I quite like reading her, don’t let it happen to you – your readers read you because you’re you, not A.V. (I thought this was a thing I made up until I read the following article describing exactly this effect: Happy writing!

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