Influence Ladies, I’m Comin’ For Ya!

In a little over a week I will pack my bags and fly across the border to Indianapolis to meet with 300 women who love Jesus and believe He can use the internet for a whole lot of good.


Last year I attended with Claire who was 4 1/2 months old and my mama, who came to look after Claire. It was a sweet time of connecting with women who’d I’d only ever “met” through social media, or FaceTime. But more than connecting with friends, I connected with Jesus in a way that I hadn’t since having Cohen back in 2011.

A few months after the conference I was given the opportunity to join the team as the Classes Manager and through that, began forging deeper connections with some of the core team members, teachers, and other members of the network. This year I’m excited to be doing a workshop called Speaking 101 and to be one of the Community Leaders.

Here’s the deal ladies – I love stories and the part of the conference I’m most excited about is hearing yours. So if you’re feeling alone, and you see me, please come up and introduce yourself! I’d love to sit down with you and hear your story. I don’t have a core group of close friends that I’m planning to hang out with so I’m in the same boat as you – nervous, excited and wanting to connect. So basically, let’s be friends.

The one thing that I won’t leave home without is my favourite jeans. Last year so many ladies were wearing fun dresses and skirts and looking all fly, but I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl, though I might throw in a blazer for my workshop (I know, I’m going all out).

See you in Indy!

3 thoughts on “Influence Ladies, I’m Comin’ For Ya!

  1. I am SO excited and expectant for the Influence Conference! It’s my first year, and as a non-blogger or handmade business gal, I’m feeling a little nervous. However, I am in a season of growing and desiring more God, more truth. I know I will leave inspired. And yes to tshirt and jeans! Now to be brave and introduce myself.

  2. It was so great to be in your speakers session and to meet you. You are just as authentic in person as you are online. I wish there was more time to connect in person that weekend; however, I’m looking forward to connecting online and maybe seeing you again! Keep on, new friend! You are a change maker!

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