What Your Instagram Bio Really Says About Who You Are

Under each profile on Instagram is a space, enough to write a few lines about who you are.

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Mine reads “Speaker + Author + Dreamer, wife, mama, @officialbugirl show host, tea drinker, lake lover, grace dweller.”

But with the changing of season outside, has come an inner turning of the leaf. A sense that I was falling into old patterns of saying yes to impress, finding value in doing, and taking on roles to beef up my Instagram bio line.

It’s not pretty, but it’s the truth.

I’ve always struggled with finding my identity solely in Christ, in believing who God says I am, more than the thoughts and opinions of anyone else. I’ve struggled with striving and performing and pleasing.

But I’m exhausted of it. I’ve been working so hard not to offend anyone, that I’ve offended myself. I’m personally offended with myself, that I can’t speak my opinion without being anxiety-stricken about what someone is going to think, say, or how they might respond.

So I’m letting go. I’m letting go of the roles I’ve taken on that don’t really fit my gifting and calling in this one precious life I’ve been given. I’m letting go of not speaking from my convictions because of a fear I might offend. I’m letting go of trying to impress people with my long list of involvements and accomplishments. Because at the end of the day, I am His and that’s all that matters.

Friend, if letting go of something feels like losing a part of your identity, then maybe its time to let go.

If sitting under the weight of your yes feels overwhelming and more importantly, inauthentic, then maybe it’s time to say no.

And I’m not talking about obedience here. Yes to Jesus and yes to “good things” are very different. Sometimes they are the same, but not always.

I’m talking about saying “yes” to Him, even when He leads you to say “no” to good things. I’m talking about walking in the freedom that comes with being hidden and found in Christ alone. Understanding that your Instagram profile, or your blogger bio, or the length of your resume have nothing to do with your value.

Because at the end of the day, we are His and that is more than enough.


6 thoughts on “What Your Instagram Bio Really Says About Who You Are

  1. These are the EXACT thoughts that were running through my mind at Lara Casey’s session at The Influence Conference.Thank you for bravely sharing your words Heather!

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