It’s Coming True

It’s been a crazy few days.  In just a few weeks my book Dream Big will be officially released.  In some ways it’s like giving birth all over again…well, not quite.  It’s much easier than that, but almost as exciting.

Here is the book trailer for Dream Big: 30 Days to a Life Beyond All you Could Ask or Imagine

Next week I have some exciting pre-order offers for you too, so stay tuned for that.  My store page is just under construction and will be up and running soon!

Thank you so much for all your love and support and encouragement.  It’s been quite the journey for the last 2 years, since I began working on this book, and I have so many of you to thank.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You all inspire me to keep dreaming big!


27 thoughts on “It’s Coming True

  1. Wow heather that was really good! I love the video and the book concept sounds amazing. I knew I wanted to be a missionary in high school and it was the people in my life (who love and care about me) that tried to talk “sense” into me. God’s will doesn’t make sense. And that’s why it’s so awesome. 🙂 Love it! congratulations 🙂

  2. What you’re exploring in this book is actually so relevant to my life right now; thanks for sharing and inspiring, so exciting that this book is becoming reality for you! All the best 🙂

  3. Beautiful! So excited for you Heather 🙂 I never heard anything more about reviewing it, so I’m sure you probably have enough people who offered. But can’t wait to read it at some point and see your ministry grow. Keep doing what you’re doing and encouraging others to dream big! 🙂

  4. Congrats Heather! That is so exciting! What you said to about teens not following their true dreams because it seems unrealistic at the time. Francis (my husband) did finance because it was easier to swallow than pursuing medicine and the years of schooling that would entail. I would watch him come home and just have no joy in his eyes about what he was doing. When he lost his job it was the scariest thing because we had two little ones at home and I wasn’t planning on going back to teaching till they were in school. But then after lots of prayer we realized him losing his job was an answer to prayer and that God had so much more for us. He is finishing his second year of med school right now and the joy and passion he has for it is amazing and has made me fall in love with him all over again. I am so looking forward to what we can do in the future as a teacher and a doctor. I want our kids to see the world, you know really see it. So in a nutshell I think your book is amazing without even reading it. I think teens need to let God guide their paths and not fear. Keep it up!

  5. You make a very good point. I’m not sure why but I played it so safe after high school. I’m just now, at age 32, stepping out and daring to dream bigger. It’s been very exciting to follow God off the beaten path and onto a much more fulfilling (albeit a little scary) way of living my life. After all, like you said, we only have one chance to live this life. Why do the comfortable thing?

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