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I’m so excited to be sharing about this beautiful new shop Eighty8Eighty9 that my cousin Graham and his wife Andrea opened on Etsy, and a giveaway to go with it! Here a few photos of the beautiful custom “Dream Big” piece they created just for you, my sweet readers. If you win, you can choose one of any of the lovely pieces they’ve created, and Bonus – I’m throwing in a copy of my devotional book, Dream Big (cuz they kinda go perfectly together!)


IMG_3941 IMG_3946 IMG_3954

Here’s a bit of the story behind their shop:

Shop Eighty8Eighty9 is an exploration of creativity and philanthropy through metal jewelry.  Husband and wife team Graham and Andrea Wiebe create pieces using inspiration from where we live and what we love, in particular Lake Winnipeg.

Graham’s career involves working with metal, cutting, bending and fabricating everything from industrial kitchens to art installations. One Christmas Andrea wished for a custom metal peace sign bracelet, and so began their interest in jewelry making. Graham combines his on-the-job skills and resources with his creative mind to design and create unique and handmade jewelry. 

Andrea has always had an entrepreneurial side. She enjoys the organization and curating aspects of their Etsy shop as well as dreaming up ideas for jewelry pieces. Andrea also loves Lake Winnipeg. She has done a lot of research on the Lake Winnipeg problem and is passionate about doing what she can to save the lake’s troubled waters. Her creativity is sparked when she combines shop ideas with working towards saving the lake.

Graham and Andrea enjoy having a project to work on together during breaks from Netflix marathons. 

All you need to do to enter is check out their shop and share which piece you would choose if you were to win, in the comments below.  Get an additional entry by entering the giveaway on my Instagram feed. Winner will be announced next week Monday, July 21st.

Good luck!

7 thoughts on “Just Cuz I Love You!

  1. Phases of the Moon Necklace… as it is exquisite! I love the combination of colours/materials.

    What a touching background story of Graham and Andrea Wiebe’s business, especially the part about Lake Winnipeg. As an avid ice-fishergirl on Lake Winnipeg who also enjoys open-water fishing and summer water sports on the lake, I too am passionate and concerned about the sustainibility of Lake Winnipeg. So enlightening to see others who share the same concerns and are finding ways to help and preserve it.

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