Kicking Fear in the Be-hind

As I look to this new year there is a mix of emotion. I’m excited about the potential – the relationships that will be formed, the growth to come, the adventures I’ll have. One of the things I’m most excited about is to start speaking again after my unofficial maternity leave. But I’m also a bit scared. It’s not like me to be scared, but I’m shakin’ in my boots! I’m nervous that I’ve lost my touch, that baby-brain will leave me up on stage searching for the right words to say, and unable to find them.


Do you ever struggle with fear? Does it hold you back from saying what you really think or doing what you really want to do? Does it have you paralyzed as you look into 2014?

I hope not.

Fear is a jerk and I think we should all give it a swift kick in the rump. I mean it. We just cannot let fear have a place anymore. We are God’s chosen people! We are children of the Most High! Our lives have been bought at a high price – not so we can cower in fear, but so we can live in freedom! I’m sitting here getting riled up about this because I’m sick and tired of the enemy stealing our joy, our hope, our dreams. I’ve had enough of worrying that I’m gonna screw everything up, and so not doing anything – giving up before I’ve even started.

God wants nothing but good for you! He is for you! There is no reason to fear. You don’t have to fear the future, wondering if you have what it takes, because the the truth is you are blessed and highly favored of the Lord. You are His. You are very good. You do have what it takes.

Yes, life will throw you curve balls this year. Yes, there will be challenges. There will likely be moments when you want to quit everything, curl up in a ball and die (maybe, but hopefully not). But no matter what, you are loved. You are accepted. You are enough.

This month I’ll be teaching an online class about how to fight these feelings of fear that make us want to just quit. It’s called “So you want to quit the internet”, but it’s really not about the internet. It’s about how to keep going when we want to quit – quit dreaming, quit pursuing God, quit trying to be a better parent, a better spouse. My hope and prayer is that by sharing my story of quitting, and then getting back up to try again, the Lord will encourage you to do the same.


Today I’m putting out a challenge, for myself and anyone else who is tired of being held back by fear. The challenge: do something this weekend to kick fear in the butt. Do something you normally wouldn’t do because of fear. Think about that thing coming up that usually has you breaking out in hives of worry, and pray God’s freedom, strength and bravery over yourself. Instead of putting it out of your mind, command fear to leave until you begin to feel excited instead of nervous.

Fear doesn’t belong in our lives so let’s collectively kick it’s sorry butt to the curb.


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