Knowing or Knowing About

“Its strange because sometimes people feel like they know me and I have no idea who they are.”  She spoke with a smile, no trace of pride in her words.

“Well they know a lot about you – you’re somewhat famous” I joked, knowing it was partially true. 

“It’s just strange.  They know about me but they don’t know me.”

Her words struck me as they sank in a little deeper.  There is such a difference between knowing about someone or knowing them personally.  So often we feel we know someone because we know a lot of information about the details of their lives.  This happens a lot with celebrities or people who are very well-known in their field of expertise.  But the difference is that we don’t have a relationship or friendship with the person.

As much as I know about Brangelina and the kids, I don’t actually know them.  If they got into some kind of trouble I wouldn’t be moved to step in a help them just because I know the names and birth countries of all of their children.  But you can be sure their close friends and family would be there to help.  We are moved to act based on relationship not knowledge.

This applies in our spiritual lives as well.  Do we actually know God or do we just know about him???  Think about that.  Do you know God personally, or do you just know about Him?

If we only know about God – it won’t affect our life in the same way.  I know it sounds drastic but I believe its true.  I’ve seen it.  People struggle with sin and get stuck in patterns of self-destruction and even though they know about God, it doesn’t help them get out.  But when they actually learn to talk to God and hear his voice speaking directly to them – a real, personal relationship – suddenly they find freedom.  The relationship, knowing God personally, causes them to act differently.

Is there an area of your life where you’re feeling stuck, unable to move forward.  Maybe the key to the freedom you long for comes through getting to know God better, on an intimate and personal level.  Perhaps you’ve spent a lot of time learning the “right answers” and building up knowledge of who God is, but not enough time listening to the heart of the Fathers for you. 

It’s my goal to know God personally rather than just knowing about Him because one day I’ll meet Him face to face and I don’t want him to say, “I never knew you”.  I want Him to look at me like a long lost friend and say, “Well done my good and faithful servant”.

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