Lent – Why I’m Giving Up

I wasn’t going to do Lent this year. 

The main reason – because I didn’t want to fail.  Then I read this amazing blog post by a truly humble and wise woman named Ann Voscamp.  My perspective changed.

Lent isn’t about giving up something that’s easy to give up.  It’s about choosing something hard, something so hard that you may even fail at times.

And in the failing, be humbled and realize just how much you need Christ.

This year I’m giving up junk food…all of it.  Chips, chocolate, cookies, candy.  It’s something I so cannot give up on my own.  I love this stuff.  I eat something from one of those four food groups everyday!  Not a lot, but at least something.  But I’m not afraid of failing anymore because I know it will teach me about grace and remind me how much I need Him everyday.

If you choose something easy and succeed perfectly, Lent can actually become an exercise in building your pride…”I’m so strong, I can do this!”  But is that really the point?

6 thoughts on “Lent – Why I’m Giving Up

  1. Good points, Heather. Ann speaks so much wisdom, doesn’t she? BTW, I love those foods too! 🙂 And I love the look and content of your blog. Soooo glad you’re a part of us at The High Calling!

    1. Thanks Dena! How’d you find my blog? I’m glad you stopped by and appreciate your encouragment!

  2. I love the inspriation in your blog. You are so confident in yourself. You almost have the touching point of nothing can bring me down today or the other 40 days! I love reading your blogs because thats what they make me fell like! I cant believe how much you have faith in yourself i wish i could have so much courage! I know lent is hard because this year i am giving up facebook, it going to be one of the most hardest and extremest things i have EVER done! i have faith in you and i hope you have faith in me! 🙂 P.S. You may not know me but i have faith in you!

    1. Kelsey,
      Thanks for your kind words and I know you can do it with giving up facebook! Take that extra time to press into the presence of God and allow him to bless you and fill you up!

  3. Hi Heather! Happy Lent!

    I agree it is not easy giving up something that you love for Lent. During our second year of marriage Francis and I decided to give up all junk food. It was extremely difficult!! We share the guilty pleasure of a midnight Slurpee 3-4 times a week. We managed through it (no chips, popcorn, soda, candy, any sweets at all!) and it was truly grueling. When a craving struck we would read some of the Bible together or just discuss our daily highs and lows. The experience actually brought us closer together and closer to God. Shortly after Easter we found ourselves planning what we would give up the following Lent.

    That next year we decided to push ourselves a bit further. No junk food…and no meat. Every year we add something else to the list. It’s a real jolt to our “cozy” little lifestyle. I believe that’s what it’s all about: to be more conscientious and to be placed out of your comfort zone. I honestly find myself in prayer a lot more often during Lent. The will to give up something difficult really does strengthen your faith.

    So good luck, my dear friend! May you be thoroughly blessed by giving up junk food this Lent. I’ll be thinking of you. xo

    (2011: no junk food, no meat, no drinks other than water, tea and milk, no eBay.)

  4. Saw your blog as part of the High Calling network. interesting that you didnt want to participate in Lent because you knew you might (or would!) fail. That’s the story of my life and you accurately confessed my fears.
    Can you drop me an email about The High Calling?

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