Looking for the Good

it’s far too easy for me to be critical. critical of myself, critical of my husband, critical of others. my own insecurity, my controlling nature, my perfectionism – all of these things cause me to turn a critical eye.

lately that critical view has been focused on my marriage, more specifically on my dear, patient, gracious husband. let me be clear, he has done nothing to deserve this. of course he’s not perfect, but neither am i. far from it. but for some reason i’ve been so hard on him recently – seeing his every flaw, misunderstanding his motives, and being generally negative and ungrateful.

and the more i looked for the bad, the more i found it. and the more i found it, the more critical i became.

doesn’t sound like much fun, does it?

well it wasn’t. and eventually i started listening to myself and actually hearing the words coming from my lips and it was a wake up call. a huge wake up call.

after sitting down with my man and apologizing for my stink attitude, and receiving the grace he extended and continues to extend daily, i decided it was time for a change.

instead of looking for the bad, i decided to look with as much determination and fury, for the good. and here’s what i saw…

…a man who works hard everyday to provide for his family.

…a man with huge dreams, pursuing those dreams, and still fulfilling his daily responsibilities.

…a man of passion, enthusiasm and excitement for life.

…a man who will always, always listens.

in short, what i saw was the good.

when we look for the bad, guess what, we’ll always find it – and lots of it.

but when we determine to look for the good – in our marriages, our family relationships, our friendships, our workplaces – when we look for the good we will ALWAYS find it.

today i’m looking for the good and i already see it.

3 thoughts on “Looking for the Good

  1. Wow. This was so perfect for me to read. I have been really hard on my husband lately..seeing his every flaw. It’s time that I start really looking for the good!!
    Thanks, Heather!

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