Make it Count Monday: Yielding Fruit In Season

Do you ever look around at other people and wonder how they do it all? Raise a brood of young children, write an inspiring blog, serve in their home church, adopt all the babies, run an online business, and still have time to bake gluten free, dairy free, sugar free muffins for their neighbour down the street?

As followers of Jesus aren’t we supposed to produce fruit all the time?

I did a little research and discovered that broccoli is in season eight months of the year, but strawberries are only in season for one month. Does that diminish the goodness of in-season strawberries? Um, no. Does it make broccoli better than strawberries? (I don’t need to answer that, do I?)

Just because your season is different or shorter or more/less intense than someone else’s, it doesn’t take away from how fruitful God can make you in that season (or how delicious that fruit will be).

And more than fruit, God’s after our hearts.

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