Let him know he’s “The Man”

Before we got married Alex and I read “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman and discovered we weren’t a good match.  No, just kidding.

But the love language Alex most understands is the one I don’t speak!

Words of affirmation.

However, like all languages, they are learn-able and if you really want to make your partner feel important, valued, and loved you gotta speak their language.

Another thing we learned from that book was to check on each others “love tanks”.

I know, it sounds pretty cheese-ball, but it works. Every once in a while I just ask him how his love tank is and he gives me a number between 1-10 (1=empty, 10=full).

Then I ask, “what can I do to make it a 10?”  And most of the time his answer is to speak more words of affirmation.  And lately, the words that mean the most to him, are words affirming him as a father.

So ladies, that’s what I’ve been doing!  Telling my man, everyday, even when it feels like I just said it, “Babe, you’re the best dad ever.  I love the way C lights up when he sees you.  He loves you so much!”

It’s amazing how just a few words can brighten his whole day and change his mood.

What language does your partner speak?

How can you make them feel loved today?

You can also find me over at Tiny Twig today…I’m doing a freelance project with her about Passionate Women!  Today: Mother Teresa

13 thoughts on “Let him know he’s “The Man”

  1. I don’t know in what world I had been living but we just recently discovered that book this year. And then there was finally that light… We sure have different love languages but I’m not mad about it anymore and now I know how to work with it. Seriously such a great book!

  2. I haven’t read the five love languages yet, but I have heard great things. I have been reading how to be a better wife, and one thing I read is men want wives to admire them. Men crave it and it should come from their wives. I am working on being the Godly wife God has called me to be.

  3. i ADORE this idea of a “love tank”. i’m going to start doing that with my hubs immediately! it’s definitely important to do a little check in every once in a while!
    xo TJ

  4. This is an amazing book! My husband and I read it several years ago, (we’ve been married 10) I think it’s time to RE-READ it!!! Love your heart!

  5. LOVE it!! ‘Tis very tough indeed (for me as well) but definitely worth learning their language. [Sidenote: your baby looks SO perfect in that photo… his skin and hair are!!]

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