Making and Molding

We’ve been sick all week.

Little baby noses don’t do well with sinus colds and congestion.

Neither do momma noses.

The start of the week was tough and on Tuesday I found myself sobbing on the phone to Alex,“I wish you were home.  Can you stay with us tomorrow?  We need you.”

Motherhood is a gift.

The gift of smiles and giggles.  Of warm baby skin pressed close in the middle of the night.  Of blue eyes that warm the coldest days.  Of perfect baby knuckle-dimples and plump leg creases.

It’s the way my Heavenly Father is making me into a new creation.  Helping me to let go of my flesh and all of its selfish desires, and look first to the needs of others.

Motherhood gives and it also rids.

Rids me of my need for a whole day of sleep when I’m sick.  My need for someone to lay their cool hand on my forehead.  My need to just check out, be grumpy or have a pity party.

Yes, we mothers have needs, but its amazing what you can do without.  And how those needs really can wait and be met at another time (when baby is peacefully sleeping or daddy is home to take over).

Being a mother has rid me of many “bad mood” days.  I don’t have the luxury of just being grumpy anymore.  Nor do I have the desire to be.  The constant companionship of this amazing little being God has given is ridding me of my need for pity parties.  He’s keeping me from spending too much time in front of the mirror with a critical eye.

He’s reminding me of my value and worth and purpose.

But this doesn’t come from simply being his mother.

It comes from remembering that I was made in the image of the Ultimate Parent.  I was made to be loved and to love.  I was made to be filled and pour out.  I was made to rest each night so I can be used by God each day.

And it is here, in this cycle of filling up and pouring out, where we become more like Christ.  Christ who rested not as indulgence, but inspiration.  Christ who was loved so that He could love.  Christ who had no time for bad moods or pity parties because His eyes were fixed on the Father and the mission for which He was sent. 

To Love.

To Save.

We too have been sent with a mission.  To love.  To point to the Savior. And in the pursuit of this mission, He is making and molding us.  Giving us good gifts and ridding us of all that holds us back.

7 thoughts on “Making and Molding

  1. Heather. That is the second time in one week where you have spoken DIRECTLY to my soul. I have been sick all week, and throwing myself a pity party all day today. Thank you, again, for speaking truth during a hard week for me 🙂 xo

  2. Thanks so much for the encouragement, I was the one throwing a pity party last week when I was sick but still had to do my “duties” as a mom. Thanks for the reminder that there is so much more important things in my life than my needs (or perceived needs). You’re wonderful!

  3. Beautiful post. I just today wrote a post about how I have these longings for myself and how they just suddenly disappear again when I am with those little ones. In the end they are the only thing that matters, aren’t they? 🙂

  4. Love your blog posts! They always encourage me and point me to Jesus and his Word. All week I’ve been choosing to speak words of life not death – it’s been difficult some days and a blessing on others and I’ve loved it! Keep it up Heather!

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