More Beautiful with Clouds

I haven’t had much time to spend with the Lord lately. Though I’m more aware of His faithful presence than I’ve ever been, my set apart quiet times are few and far between. Ever since getting married and having two babies, the hours I used to spend reading my bible, praying and journalling have been whittled down to moments squeezed in during naps or after bedtime.

However, last weekend I had a rare hour at the cabin where both Cohen and Claire were asleep. I wandered down to the water and sat on my favourite bench, under my favourite birch tree, overlooking my favourite lake in the world. And I began to pray.

My prayer was not one full of gratitude, or praise, or even requests. It was simply this: “Father, what do you want to say to me today? What does my spirit need to hear from you?”

And as I watched the sun setting in the most magnificent way, He spoke to me through the clouds.


You see, lately my life has felt a bit grey. Not grey because it’s boring, or depressing, or tragic, but grey because its monotonous. It’s un-glamourus. It’s kind of plain.

My personal goals and dreams have been set aside for this season, and though I have peace with that, and find my role as wife and mother fulfilling, it can be tough. Life can seem dull, like a cloudy day in the middle of summer. Sometimes I struggle with feelings of disappointment that my life isn’t more like one of those perfect blue-sky days where the sun shines and there’s not a cloud to be found.


But as I sat an watched the sun setting across the lake, God spoke to my spirit and said, “Heather, the clouds are what make the sunset.”

The clouds, the grey, the not-so-exciting, everyday things of life are such an important part of the picture – they MAKE the picture. So today I’m embracing the clouds, seeing the beauty in the boring, and choosing to allow the Son to shine through my grey and turn it into the most stunning sight.

7 thoughts on “More Beautiful with Clouds

  1. i’ve been thinking a lot about this, what i’m calling the “quiet season” of my life. and honestly complaining that i’ve prayed for it for so long, it’s finally here, and i want it to be done with. God is reminding me every day that i need this season. i need the quiet. i need to just be with Him. some days i wonder how the day will pass because i simply have nothing to do. and then it gets so filled up and i’m a mess at the end. one day, maybe soon, i’ll realize how big God is šŸ™‚
    this was a beautiful post, thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh this is so so encouraging…So encouraging. Thank you for posting..and I love what He revealed and gives me such hope in His promises!

  3. This is a beautiful post Heather! It’s so amazing how God speaks to us through all if fervent hints, including His creation. I wrote a post with the same premise as this a few months ago (but I was marveling at the sunrise). It is so beautiful to hear Him speaks, especially through his creation!
    Alesha <3
    P.S. Also, thanks for the reminder to be still before God and to ask what He wants to speak to me. I get so focuse on my own agenda with Him sometimes….

  4. Beautiful words! More than once your writing has been exactly what I needed to hear at the perfect time. So thank you for following God’s plan for your life and your passion as I am sure it’s effect is far reaching!

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