My Life in Chairs

There are quite a few significant chairs in my life these days.  I realize saying this is incriminating – I’ve been sitting on my duff a lot!

Here are a few of them and why I love em.

The chair where Cohen takes in all of his daytime meals.  This also happens to be the “best seat in the house” for watching TV, playing devilbox, and general lounging.

The chair where I write these blog posts, work on my book, check my email, etc.  Isn’t she a beaut?

The chair where friends and family sit when they come over to see Cohen (they say they’re coming to see us but we all know the truth).

The chair where my boy sits when we go on our daily adventures (walks, trips to Starbucks, errands, etc.)

The chair we were given at Cohen’s shower on Tuesday – one that will be very well used in a couple of months.   My boy will be eating in style!

The chair where I rock my boy to sleep, feed him in the middle of the night and sing to him before his naps.

And the newest chair to join our family – this amazing office chair to replace the one in photo #2.  Don’t worry, we’re not getting rid of the beauty, just need a real office-type chair for sitting at the computer.  Too many sore necks from the other one.

So there you have it.  The places we put our butts.

Happy Friday!

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