5 Ways to Combat Cabin Fever

I live in a part of the planet that has winter for at least 5 or 6 months of year. Why do I live here? I don’t know. I really don’t get why my ancestors left the ocean port they sailed into, started travelling west and chose to stop in the middle of the prairies.  I don’t get it. But I do love it here.


So it’s been about one week of cold weather and snow and I can already feel the cabin fever itch.

Here are my top tips for avoiding cabin fever.

1. Play/Moms groups. Find them, join them, and go every week. If your church doesn’t have one, go to the one at your friends church. And if they have child care and coffee – even better!

2. Children’s museum or other indoor play places. Find one, buy a annual membership, and go every week. In the winter we go to the children’s museum all the time. We go by ourselves, or meet friends. The kids run around like crazy people, I drink coffee and eat cinnamon buns and everyone is a little happier than before they got there. We’re going tomorrow!

3. Library. Find one, get a card and go every week. (are you noticing a theme here?) My kids basically just run around at the library and it’s a little crazy, but it’s inside! It’s warm! And there’s a coffee shop close by.  If your library has story time – even better.

4. Find fun indoor activities. Play dough, rice bins, painting, fort building, puzzles, reading books, hide and seek, chase the dog, bake cookies, teach your kids to make you coffee (just kidding, kind of). And if you can do all of this with some friends, even better. Make a play date of it. We try to do play dates at least once or twice a week.

5. Get outside. It always take a lot of work. Between my two kids and I we have to put on exactly 23 pieces of extra clothing minimum. Twenty Three. But you know what, it’s always worth it. Go for a walk, shovel the driveway, watch your toddler walk around like a giant marshmallow. And bring your travel mug full of, you guessed it, coffee.



What are you favourite activities to combat cabin fever?


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