November Goals

Now that my 31 days of Hearing God’s Voice is complete, I don’t want to get out of the habit of writing daily. But instead of posting everyday, I’m going to do something I’ve never done in my 3+ years of blogging, I’m going to work ahead! And becuase I’m venturing into unchartered territory here, I decided (inspired by Hayley) to set some Novemeber goals.

I love goal setting and list making. This is partly because I love crossing things off my list (are you a cross-offer, or a check-marker?), and partly because since having babies, I forget everything. If it’s not written down in at least three places, it doesn’t exist.


Here are my November Goals:

1. Finish additions to my advent devotional “We Will Wait” and get it up in the shop (for sale on November 15th, maybe earlier).

2. Prepare for my Influence class on Overcoming Discouragement.

3. Finishing touches on the house (finish painting upstairs hallway, get trims on, light switch covers, a few vent covers, etc.)

4. Write 2-3 posts a week for my blog (work ahead and schedule at least one or two a week for December).

What about you? What is one goal you have for the month of November?

Linking up Hayley.

4 thoughts on “November Goals

  1. That looks like a great advent devotional and I just signed up for your class today! My big goal for the month is making time in the mornings for devotions. I feel like a lot of people already have this down, but I am a night owl, so mornings. are. rough. (but important!) I’m also linked up with Hayley.

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