God gave me a gift for 2012.

A word that seemed predictable, considering I’m a mother.

But it surprised me because, rather than simply a word I should be living out, He meant this word as a gift to me, from Him.

God wants to nurture me.

He wants to nurture us.

The same way a mother and father lovingly care for and encourage each new step their child takes – a cheer for their first word, a round of applause for a new tooth breaking through – this is the same way God loves us.

He is constantly caring for and encouraging our growth and development.

But as any parent knows, growth often comes with challenge.

Right now my boy is working through some of his own challenges as he grows and develops.  I vlogged a while back about Cohen’s Torticollis and though he’s improving daily, its a slow process.  And the very things that help him the most, are the things he resists the most – because they are uncomfortable.

Isn’t that true for all of us?

The decisions we know will help us the most, are often the ones we resist the most. We simply don’t like to be uncomfortable (like reading the Word instead of another blog post – ouch!)

But the good news about the nurturing of the Lord is that along with discipline comes a fierce love.

God loves us more than any mother or father could ever love their child.  He counts our every breath, the same way a new mother looks intently for the rise and fall of her newborn’s chest.  His heart breaks with ours, the same way a father hates to hear the cries of his precious son or daughter.

This year as I seek to nurture my boy, I also seek to receive the firm, but tender nurturing of my heavenly Father.

Yes, this may mean some discomfort or moments of frustration as we’re stretched with growth, but the passionate love of the Father goes behind and before us, caring for and encouraging each shaky step we take.

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9 thoughts on “Nurture

  1. Such a beautiful word and concept for the new year. There is a book by Lisa Bevere on this subject called Nurture. Perhaps it would be helpful.


  2. This post is full of the sweetness and heart of the Father. It is so refreshing to read this truth, His love is truly nurturing to our hearts and souls. Thank you so much for sharing <3

  3. Oh this was so touching. I am really in need of God’s nurturing heart right now and knowing that He’s got me…means everything. 🙂 You are a wonderful Mama Heather! 🙂 Your boy is so lucky!

  4. First off—-my fav pic is the last of Cohen in the Johnny Jump Up!! I remember those when I was little and I am glad they still make them! I often think about how full your heart must be as a parent, knowing that your child depends on you for so much and will learn and grow through your nurturing and lately I have been thinking a LOT about how I want to nurture our future children in Christ. I think “nurture” is a great watch word for 2012 and I pray for your little Cohen, his growth and happiness!

  5. Great post! Sometimes I temporarily resist the nurturing God gives me because it can be uncomfortable to grow and change. But ultimately He is developing our character and bringing us closer to Him through our challenges. So I can’t resist for too long. 🙂

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