On Staying

It’s been nearly three months of STAY 2015.


Three months of saying no to needless busy for the sake of busy.

Three months of not needing to fill my calendar in order to feel valuable.

Three months of not apologizing for being myself, for saying no, for watching TV or sitting by a window, instead of “making things happen”.

Print by Kal Barteski
Print by Kal Barteski

And in this three months I’ve learned more from the Lord than in the last three years combined.

Learning that people pleasing is not just a waste of time, but it’s actually a killer. A dream killer, and fun killer, an identity killer.

Learning that God is only Father, Son and Spirit. There is no fourth being in the trinity – no “Big God” who stands back with his arms crossed, looking at you with disdain or judgement. There is just Father – Dad, Papa. There is just Jesus – Brother, Saviour, Friend. There is just Spirit – Counsellor, Comforter. Any other voice is not my God.

Learning that to love means to pay attention, to observe, to appreciate without casting judgment – good or bad. This is how God loves me. And this is how I want to love my people. Not constantly evaluating their behaviour but rather embracing who they are.

Learning that forgiveness is not a letting go, so much as it is an opportunity to experience God’s gracious generosity – a setting for the supernatural.

Learning that it matters not how far I’ve come, or how far I have to go, but only Who I’m walking with and how close I can get to Him.

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