On the Back Burner

My mamma has the best homemade spaghetti sauce recipe in the world. Lots of tomato-y goodness seasoned with parsley, basil, thyme, sage and more. Mixed with seasoned ground meat and 3 hot chili’s to spice it up just right – the perfect combo of sweet and spice.

However the secret to the sauce is not in any one ingredient or the method of mixing them.

The secret is in the timing.

So often I’ve struggled with timing. The right timing. Wanting the fulfillment on my dreams to come NOW. Trying to rush the seasons ahead, like breathing on an iceberg, thinking it’ll melt quicker.

And many times I’ve lamented the fact that some of my dreams have been moved to the “back burner”. Oh the dreaded back burner.  A place where dreams cool, where dreams rot, where dreams die…(so dramatic, I know. But that’s just me)

I’ve always resented the back burner.

But it’s on the back burner where the magic happens. It is there where the flavors intensify, where what is diluted becomes more condensed, where the goodness comes out.

The back burner is not a place of cooling, but of simmering.

What hopes and dreams have you had to move to back burner? Have you mourned the loss of them, thinking they’ve died? Or even been forgotten by God, the Dream-giver.

Maybe you’ve put them aside for family – to give more time to your marriage or children. Or perhaps your daytime job has required so much, leaving you with little time or energy to pursue other passions. Or maybe you’ve had one too many doors slammed in your face and your dreams feel dead and gone.

Rest assured, they are not dead. They are not gone.

They are simmering, dear friend. Intensifying in flavor. Being refined and purified. Becoming more full of life and goodness and God.

And as you tend to the day to day needs and requirements of your life, you too are being prepared for that perfect moment when you’ll feast at the table of your dreams and be blown away by the abundant and immeasurably more He has in store for you.

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