On The Bright Side

My mom and I were chatting about blogging the other day and she said something interesting. She said she couldn’t figure out what motivates me to be so transparent online.

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Without missing a beat I told her it’s because of you, my reader. It’s because I want you to know that you are not alone. I want to share not only the joys of life, but the challenges as well because so often I feel isolated, and I don’t want you to. It’s that simple.

When I write about the challenges I’m facing as a wife, a mother, a follower of Christ, I always try to do it with a message of hope. Yes, life is especially intense in this season, but there are moments of such joy as well, and maybe I haven’t talked enough about those.

I often mention the innumerable diapers I change in a day, but I forget to share that I don’t mind changing diapers. I love blowing raspberries on those soft baby bellies and getting baby bums all fresh and clean. It’s not like I look forward to it, and two year old poop is no walk in the park, but I genuinely don’t mind it.

I’ve shared about the challenges of sick children who are up all night, but I’ve neglected to share how much purpose I find in caring for my little ones. Wiping their noses and kissing fever swept brows, there is joy there too.

Yes, I forget to put the wash in the dryer multiple times, but after its clean, I love pulling the warm bundles into a basket, and folding tiny sweaters and pairing up wee socks (when I can actually find both of them). Placing stacks of sweet smelling clothing in drawers reminds me how grateful I am for all I’ve been given.

There is always a bright side. It’s not always easy to find, but it’s there and I’m praying we can both find it even on our darkest day


6 thoughts on “On The Bright Side

  1. Heartwarming post:) I too often mention things like how many tasks I can complete at the same time while holding a baby and picking toys up with my feet, and then forget to insert ‘and I love that while I’m doing these things, I’m carrying my sweet baby, and smelling his hair’…. Thanks for sharing in the way that you do Heather, I know it makes me feel a little less alone and a little more sane:)

  2. I totally believe God is using you, whether you share the ups or the downs. He’s using you to connect to other women and plant seeds where they need to be planted. Maybe someone that doesn’t know Jesus connects to you because she too is forgetting to take the laundry out of the dryer and then reads more and wonders how you can feel such joy in the mundane.
    I think what you’re doing is wonderful.

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