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I started my photography class last night.  It was three hours of new information and I soaked it up like a sponge.

But one of the most interesting things I learned had nothing to do with taking amazing photos and everything to do with seeing the world through God’s eyes.

If you’ve ever studied photography you probably know that the very first “camera” was actually a room.  The room was completely dark with all the windows taped shut, and not a speck of light coming in.  Then on one wall a tiny hole was made, letting in the outside light.  As that light streamed through the hole it projected the image from outside the room onto the opposite wall.  The process was called “camera obscura” and looked something like this:


However, when the image came in it was upside down and backwards.

Isn’t this just how it is with the light of God?

This world is filled with darkness and when we show the love of Christ, we poke a hole in that darkness and let the light of God in.  The image often confuses people.

Why would we show love to our enemies?

Why would we turn the other cheek instead of getting revenge?

Why would would give generously without expecting anything in return?

The life God calls us to live often seems upside down and backwards compared to the selfish ways of the world, doesn’t it?

But just like light shining through a tiny hole and projecting an image of beauty, everyday we have the opportunity to display the love and beauty of God in a world of darkness.

How can you poke a tiny hole in that dark shroud this week?

A kind word, a warm hug, a smile.  Or perhaps it will be something a little more confusing to the world – forgiveness when someone hasn’t asked, love when someone shows hatred, generosity without receiving gratitude.

“The people living in darkness
   have seen a great light;
on those living in the land of the shadow of death
   a light has dawned.” – Matthew 4:16

9 thoughts on “Photography 1

  1. Such a cool thing to take away from a photography class. Love it! And randomly, I tried on that exact same shirt the other day but with a navy stripe! Didn’t buy it, but you have great fashion sense 😉

  2. Wow Heather this post is really powerful. How true it is that the image is upside down and backwards with the world being the way it is. I think about this all the time but you put it into words in a much more beautiful way than i could 🙂 I LOVE this!

  3. Good analogy, and one I think I’ll remember. I often tell my little guy (almost 4ys old) we need to be the light in this dark world. Your post reminds me I need to tell him HOW we do that…

    Thank you for sharing. Found you through Casey.

  4. This reminds me of a conversation I had with my boss this week (he is a photo geek like me) and he asked me how I chose my subject matter. I told him (and this is the truth) that I like to slow down and find beauty in everything I see. Isn’t that also what God does? How cool. It puts a new perspective on my hobby.

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