Creating Safety in your Business w/ Alisha Mckay

Season #1 Episode #35

Do you ever feel unsafe in your business? 

Maybe we you launch a new website, or share something vulnerable on your stories. Your heart starts pounding and your palms get sweaty and you think "this is a terrible idea and I'm going to unpublish or delete this right now!"

Or maybe you don't feel safe when you step away from your business and take time to just rest or play or be present with your family. You fear that your business will fail unless you're constantly working, or you worry what will come up in you when you actually take the time to slow down. 

Or maybe you don't feel safe in the idea of success. Like allowing yourself to actually enjoy what you've created might but it at risk in some way. Like if you allow yourself to really feel proud and experience pleasure, it will make it so much harder if you ever lose it. 

When we feel safe in our business, we show up as the most authentic, present, powerful version of ourselves. We connect more deeply with our clients. We make more impact in our community. 

In today's episode registered counsellor (and my best friend) Alisha Mckay is sharing some practical advice on how we can create safety for ourselves in an entrepreneurial journey full of risk taking. 

If you want to connect with Alisha about working together, send her an email at [email protected]