Building a Community that Grows your Business w/ Shannon Lorenz

Season #1 Episode #34

As female small business owners it can be tempting to isolate ourselves.

It often happens completely unintentionally as well. We are so focused on running our business and being present with our families that we forget to take time to connect with other female business owners.

And sometimes we're even hesitant to spend time connecting with and building our own business community because we think it will just add one more thing to our plate.

But what if spending time building community could grow your business faster and more effectively?

What if you're missing out on THE secret ingredient to growing  a healthy, sustainable, life-giving business that is deeply aligned with your core values and vision for your life.

What if community is the answer?

Today I'm interviewing Shannon Lorenz, a community and business builder, the founder of The Bespoke Market, and CEO of Squamish Local Scoop