The Truth about FB Ads

Season #1 Episode #33

A few months ago I started my 3rd round of FB ads with an ads manager.

I knew it was time to scale my business and this was ONE way to do it. 

But what I didn't anticipate was ALL the thoughts and feelings that would come up along the way. I should have - I coach people about this all the time. But, surprise! I'm still a human!

Anytime we step out to try something new in our business, it brings up our ish. If you have limiting beliefs, they'll surface. If you have self doubt - get ready to stare it right in the face. If you have fear around money, um hello. Ya that's going to come up too. 

In today's episode I share the behind the scenes, real life mess of being an entrepreneur who is STILL figuring it out. 

If you're looking for a success story - this is not it. If you're looking for a highlight reel of how amazing my life and business is, don't listen. 

If you want the REAL DEAL messy middle of business - this is it.