CEO Self Care w/ Paige Barlow

Season #1 Episode #31

As small business owners and mama's, we have a lot of people depending on us. And there are a lot of demands on our time.

And it can feel like the best (and only) way to keep us is to stay busy all the time. To respond to all the requests as they come in and live in reaction to our lives.

But when we live in reaction mode and we're saying yes to everyone who is asking (kids, hubby, customers, followers, etc.) it leads to hustle and burn out. It allows us to serve well NOW, but not necessarily in the long haul.

In today's episode I'm interviewing the CEO of Moss Postpartum House, Paige Barlow. Paige has created a multiple 6 figure business, during the pandemic, in a sustainable way. Have a listen to see how Paige prioritizing self care in her business and personal life, and the impact that has had on the growth of her business.

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