Double Your Business

Double Your Business

Hosted by: Heather Boersma

A podcast to equip female entrepreneurs to double their business without increasing their hours. Whether you sell a product, service or are in network marketing, this podcast will equip you with the mindset AND...


Bonus: Go Gangbusters at your next Market!

Season #1

It's handmade market season! I just went to my first local market a few weeks ago and it was amazing - as the shopper. But I know from coaching many market vendors and even a few organizers, that it can be a VERY...
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How to Pitch Collabs w/out the Drama!

Season #1 Episode #30

Have you ever sent a DM to someone you really want to work with and heard nothing back?! It's the worst isn't it? Working up the courage to put yourself out there, planning the perfect pitch and then - crickets! In...
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Digging Your Business "Why Well"

Season #1 Episode #28

If you want to grow a successful business, even when it's hard, you need to know your "Why".When you have a BIG why, it will motivate you through all the fear and failures that inevitably come up on this...
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Leveraging your Desires w/ our Special Guest

Season #1 Episode #27

How do you make big decisions in your life and business?Do you decide based on what you feel like you "should" do? What's the "right" thing to do?What everyone else wants you to do?What everyone else IS doing?What...
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Time Saving Rhythms for Working Moms w/ Wynne Elder

Season #1 Episode #26

If you feel like routines and schedules are too rigid but you will want to go into your week with a clear plan, you're going to love the idea of rhythms! In today's episode Rhythms Coach, Wynne Elder (also a mama and...
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How to Fail like a Boss

Season #1 Episode #24

One of the hardest parts of being an entrepreneur is putting yourself out there in such big way - every single day - and then failing. Having a great idea, trying it and seeing it NOT work out the way you hoped. It...
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What to do with "Toxic People"

Season #1 Episode #23

We all have those people in our live that just push our buttons. Whether it's a friend, family member, fellow business owner (usually one who's killing it in a similar business as ours!) or someone we follow on...
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Sleep your Way To Success w/Tanessa Shears

Season #1 Episode #22

The number one challenge most entrepreneurs (especially one who are also mamas!) is feeling like we don't have enough time! Between raising kids, running a household, staying healthy and serving our clients it can...
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Indecision Fatigue

Season #1 Episode #21

You've probably heard of (and experienced) the concept of "decision fatigue". It's the idea that after making many decisions, your ability to make more and more decisions over the course of a day becomes worse.But as...
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Why Launching is Scary w/ Amanda Cook

Season #1 Episode #20

On today's episode I'm sharing an interview with one of my dearest friends, Amanda Cook. In this candid conversation we talk all about the feelings that come up when we put our work out into the world. Amanda is a...
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Does Mindset even Matter in Business?

Season #1 Episode #19

If you want to double your business in the next 6 months you only have to do one of two things (are you ready? I'm giving all the goods away right here)You either have to double the amount of people you are serving,...
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Is it Okay to Make Lots of Money?

Season #1 Episode #18

More and more I feel drawn to have conversations about money with women. For too long there has been shame and secrecy surrounding the topic, especially for women who have a faith background. But I believe that money...
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