Pre-Order “Letters from a Big Sister” Today!

My newest book “Letters from a Big Sister” is now available for pre-order!

“Letters from a Big Sister: Shared wisdom to Encourage and Equip Teen Girls” is a book birthed out of a dream to connect big sisters in the faith with their little sisters. Each chapter begins with a letter written from a big sister sharing a struggle she went through as a teenager and the truth she wishes she would have known then that could have helped her through. Our hope is that these stories will remind teen girls that they are not alone and there are other women who believe in them and are cheering them on.

Our Big Sisters are: Jess Connolly, Jamie Ivey, Kristene DiMarco, Jenna Kutcher, Jessica Honneger, Tiffany Thurston, Rach Kincaid, Leslie Crandall, Carrie Lloyd, Lauren Vallotton, Summer Wright, Hannah Giddens, Alisha Mckay and Shezza Ansloos.

When you contribute to this project you are becoming a big sister or big brother to these little sisters. You are saying to the teen girls in your life, whether daughters, grand daughters, sisters, nieces or cousins, that you believe in them and want them to live their best lives. And even if you don’t have a teen girl to buy this book for, you can get involved! One of our pre-order options is to buy 1, 5 or 10 books that will be donated to teen girls who wouldn’t otherwise have access to a resource like this through ministries like Youth For Christ, The Refuge and Mercy Ministries.

The Impact

“Letters” is unlike any book on the market right now for teen girls. Not only is it a full colour book with beautiful images and design, it is full of raw and vulnerable stories addressing the issues teen girls face, but rarely feel safe to talk about. The book covers topics like anxiety, body image, sexuality, family challenges, dating, and more from a biblical perspective. At the end of each chapter is a section set aside for different reflection activities such as bullet journal pages, scriptures for further study, action steps and song suggestions.

Other Ways You Can Help

We know that not everyone will be able to contribute financially to this project but another powerful way to help is by sharing this campaign with your circle of friends. Posting about it on facebook or instagram, or telling your church youth pastor will make a huge difference in getting the word out!

Thank you for believing and investing in the next generation of young women. I truly believe that our floor can be their ceiling if we invest in them now and purchasing this book is definitely one way you can do that.


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