Description: We have about 60 thousand thoughts a day and most of them are negative. We can rewire our brains with more powerful thoughts in just 63 days, but first we have to become aware of the ones we currently have.


Daily journaling is a powerful way to grow your self-awareness muscle so you can evaluate your current thoughts, and create new powerful ones that will help you get amazing results in every area of your life.


The Thoughts and Feelings journal was designed to help you do just that! It includes daily 10 Minute Morning routines, weekly Power Hour planning pages and a monthly calendar to integrate all of these powerful thoughts into your day to day life. 
Price $15
- 30 days of the 10 Min Morning Routine
- Coaching tools I use to coach myself and my clients
- 4 weekly Power Hour planning page
- 1 Monthly calendar 2 page spread
- Free training videos explaining the 10 Minute Morning and the Weekly Power Hour

Thoughts & Feelings Journal (Download)

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