What Is His Promise in our Process?

The bible is full of God’s promises for us. Promises to never leave or forsake us, to walk us through the valley and to work all things together for our good. He promises to be for us not against us, and that when we seek first His kingdom and righteousness, all the other things will be added as well.

But what about when we don’t see His promises being fulfilled right now? What about when jobs are lost, feelings are hurt and people we love are sick? Are some of God’s promises only for heaven, and others for earth?

It’s tricky because God operates on a different timeline than us. As far as he’s concerned, our eternity with Him begins the moment we choose to follow Him. The moment we confess our sins and choose his grace and forgiveness, we are given the Spirit who makes a way for us to experience the presence of God right now. Though we don’t see Him physically, face to face, we can already begin to hear His voice and feel His love.

The promises He gives us are on that timeline as well. From the moment we say “yes” to Jesus, He says “yes” and “amen” to all of God’s promises for us. I don’t think God looks at our lives as our time on earth, and our time in heaven, as much as well do. Because He knows us intimately, He sees our time on earth, not as separation from him, but maybe more of a long distance friendship. Even though we can’t be together in the flesh,  the relationship is just as real. I know this because two of my very best friends live far away and it doesn’t lessen the authenticity and intimacy of our relationships to be apart (although sometimes it really sucks). The Bible says that our life is but a breath – the time on earth is a like a mist to the Lord.

But that idea, of living in eternity right now doesn’t always help in the present moment. And I think God totally gets that, which is why there is one promise He gives us that we can experience the fulfillment of, right here and now.

To find out more about what that promise is, and how it can help you face whatever you’re in the middle of right now, join me on October 21st at 8pm CST for an online class called “His Promise in the Process“. It’s an hour long class and if you can’t attend live, you’ll get a recording sent to your inbox, which you can watch anytime.  I’d love to see you there.


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