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Hey friends.  It’s Friday, which means its time for another story from a “Real Life Dreamer”.  Today our story is from Amber who blogs over at “Replicating His Love”.


Hi! My name is Amber. I am currently taking a year off from school to apply to nursing programs along the west coast. As nerve-wracking this time away from my education has been, it has also introduced amazing blessings in my life. I have taken the last few months to assistant coach my old high schools cross country team. It’s been such an honor to work alongside such determined and young athletes. Another great blessing has been the upcoming opportunity to travel to Port au Prince, Haiti with my church on a mission’s trip.

When the earthquake hit Haiti in January of 2010, my heart went out to the people there. My heart sunk when news broke of this disaster. I remember following the news on television as well as online at CNN. The pictures and climbing death toll brought tears to my eyes. My heart and prayers went out to the people there and I remember asking God to present a way for me to help.

No more than two months later, I was at my church in Portland, Oregon and an announcement was shared inviting missionaries to Haiti once a week for every month of the year. It hit me like a brick wall. This was it. The second I heard those words, I knew they were directed at me. I had to do this. Unfortunately, at the time, I was a full-time student with a job on the side. There was no way my schedule would allow even a weeks allowance. Needless to say, God had planted that seed in me.

Nearly one year later, I began planning and mentally preparing for my year off from school. This, in turn, left me with an abundant supply of free time. I had no idea what to do with such an open schedule! As we all know, God has a funny way of working sometimes and that seed he had originally planted began creeping its way back into my memory. In March of this year, I went online to apply for the weeklong December trip to Port au Prince, Haiti. The application deadline wasn’t until August, so I waited very patiently. Finally August rolls around and I get a few emails from the coordinator, followed by one simple and sweet phone interview. That interview was one of the happiest interviews of my life, because it ended with my acceptance onto the team. I was going to Haiti!

I realize that I am still a good number of days away from this life-changing trip, but I have already undergone such growth. God called me to this and I am going because of his grace. I have never gone on a mission’s trip before. Who would have thunk my very first one would be to Haiti?! It’s been quite the experience as I have raised support all on my own, met with my teammates, and gained insight from those who have already gone. I feel so unbelievably blessed to have this opportunity to look forward to. More importantly, I cannot wait to be the light to these people. I cannot wait to bring the good news of the Lord to these people. I cannot wait to experience this dream my Lord has written for me all along.

I want to encourage all who have not gone yet on a mission’s trip, to go on one. We were made to spread this faith like wild fire across the earth. How can we keep such a good thing all to ourselves? It deserves to be shared with others. God deserves that much.
“He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.’” Mark 16:15


Thanks for sharing your heart Amber!

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  1. agree! and that ‘into all the world’ applies to wherever you currently are IN ADDITION to where you may go on a ‘mission trip’. whomever i come in contact with throughout the day; neighbor, store clerk, person opening the door for me, person holding a sign on the corner, all opportunities (not interruptions) to love.

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