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Hey friends.  It’s Friday, which means its time for another story from a  “Real Life Dreamer”.  Our fifth story is from Darlene who blogs over at “Dream – Believe – Fly” .  I met Darlene a few years ago at a Christian writing conference and we hit it off right away.  I hope you enjoy her story.


Ever since I picked up my first Nancy Drew book, I have always loved a good mystery. That’s when my love of writing took hold of my heart. I started writing my own “Mindy Dobson” mystery series! Unfortunately, the spark faded and life happened. I grew up and put my writing on the back burner.

Years flew by and after rough roads, I picked up my pen again. With the spark re-ignited, I joined a writer’s club (WWC – Women Writing for Christ, London, ON) and my passion for writing grabbed my heart. I knew God wanted me to write my story, but it wouldn’t happen right away.

I started taking writing courses from the Christian Writer’s Guild (CWG) to grow my skills. I attended a few of the writer’s conferences with Write! Canada. Then I began my blog where I shared my story ( I’m also working toward my dream of finishing my modern gothic novel, Amber Dreams.

I’m currently on the last of the CWG core courses (Craftsman) and wow…what a journey it’s been. In September, I traveled to Colorado Springs to attend a five-day residency where I met seven other students, my mentor DiAnn Mills (author of over 50 books), McNair Wilson and Jerry B. Jenkins (owner of CWG, author of the best-selling Left Behind series). There, Jerry took my first chapter through his thick-skinned critique. Now I know why he calls it “thick-skinned”! Yes, even though it hurt a wee bit, I knew it would be for my own good. You know — no pain, no gain! I knew what I needed to change. I came away from the residency inspired to keep going and growing!

I’m working hard at my dream, knowing God is right beside me because I’m doing what He’s called me to do. Write for Him.

I picked the name of my blog for a reason. If you have a dream, believe it can happen, and then fly!

Darlene Turner
Twitter: darlydbf


Thanks Darlene!  Happy Friday friends.  I hope your weekend is restful.

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