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Today I’m happy to share a Guest Post from my friend Kendra.  This amazing wife and mother of two adorable girls blogs over HERE at Ordinary Days

I met Kendra while speaking out at Red Rock Bible Camp and she is just a precious one!  I’m sure you’ll enjoy her post and also head over to her blog cuz I’m guest posting there

Happy Weekend Lovelies.


There was a night when the moon shone so full and bright, that it’s light seemed to surround me, even though I was inside.

I stood there at my window, looking up at the moon, trying to soak in the beauty of it, and trying to make sense of the fact that a God big enough to create such great beauty could still remember me.

I didn’t feel remembered. I felt crushed and heartbroken. I had just miscarried the baby we had waited so long for, and everything I believed about prayer and God and His promises was being put to the test. I felt empty of all hope and life.

I had begged and pleaded with God to bless us with a baby, just like Hannah. I had prayed her exact words:

O Lord Almighty, if you will only look upon your servant’s misery and remember me… (1 Samuel 1:11)

The Bible says that the Lord did remember her, and she conceived a son.

A baby was her proof of God’s remembrance.

So I stood there at my window, looking up at the moon and crying out to God, “Remember me! Remember me!”

And suddenly, in a way that words can’t properly describe, but can be felt so strongly with the heart, my Father said, “I do remember you.”

I didn’t hear an actual voice, but I knew that He was speaking to me. And I knew, beyond all doubt, that His love was shining down on me. With or without a baby, He did remember me. The fact that my empty arms ached, and my heart desperately longed for a baby, were no indication of the amount of love He had me. He remembered me.

Our miracle baby did finally arrive a few years later. Her joyful presence in our home almost erases the memory of those years of pain and longing. But I will always remember that night in the moonlight, my heart breaking, and then my Father saying, “I do remember you.”


Thanks Kendra!  I always appreciate your insights.


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