Rifle or Shotgun?

The first time I shot a gun I was in the middle of nowhere-Ontario, at a friends trapping cabin. No running water, no electricity, and no door on the outhouse. Nice lake views while you were peeing though…I’ve digressed.

We set up the target, a pop can on a rock a few meters away. I lined up the shot and pulled the trigger, sending a bullet from the loaded shotgun. Bingo! I’d hit my mark.  But when we got closer to the can, rather than one clean shot straight the the middle (like in the movies!) there were a bunch of tiny holes and dents.  I didn’t know the difference between a rifle and a shotgun at the time, but I learned then that a shotgun sends a spray of bullets whereas a rifle sends one bullet.

Rifles are designed for accuracy to hit a precise point. Shotguns are designed to shoot a spread of shots at moving targets.

So often I live more like a rifle than a shotgun.


Lemme explain.

There are so many needs in the world. So many who are lost, broken, alone, abused, abandoned, orphaned. In our communities, our cities, our countries and our world – the statistics are crippling – paralyzing even! 27 million people are living in slavery RIGHT NOW, many of them young girls being bought and sold for sex.

But what are we supposed to do? How are we supposed to meet ALL of the needs of EVERYONE? Most days I can barely get the dishes done and the floors swept, never mind looking after the orphans and widows.

But God is not calling us to save the world. He’s not asking us to meet every need. Our Father doesn’t want us running around like a crazy women with a rifle, spraying a little bit of our scattered effort everywhere, hoping we’ll hit a target and maybe do some good.

No, our gracious God is calling us to Himself.

He’s asking for our hearts, our minds, our soul and strength.

God wants intimacy with you, first and foremost. He wants time where He can speak to you and show you how He’s already moving and invite you to be apart of it.  God is already working and He gives us the incredible opportunity to partner with Him, through the power of the Spirit, to bring the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

And when we take this time to press into His love and presence FIRST, our living becomes more effective. Our ministry more focused. We become like a spiritual rifle.

Can you relate to the feeling of being pulled in so many directions, stretched so thin and feeling ineffective for the Lord? How do you keep your focus?

4 thoughts on “Rifle or Shotgun?

  1. Our Pastor talked about this on Sunday. His message was called 2020 vision, Faith to See. It was awesom. I often feel that being a stay at home mom in a new city and not having very much interaction with poeople and also not being invlolved in the church yet, i am being ineffective. There are many days where I don’t talk to anyone but my little man and hubby, and I spend my days cleaning and doing wifely things 🙂 or trying to muster up the energy to do those things. This can sometimes be discouraging since I don’t feel like I am contributing to the kingdom at all. But after hearing my pastors message this past Sunday I was encouraged! We need to have Gods vision for our lives. His points were if we have Gods vision for our lives we 1. Stay focused, 2. We prioritize better, 3. We do better work, 4. We gain perspective in adversity, and 5. We find meaning in the mundane (this one spoke to me the most). Now I don’t get discouraged when I think my days are filled with the same thing everyday. I know God is preparing me for something great and I just need to stay completely focused on Him, and give everyday to Him and work as unto Him. Like you said Heather, we need to draw close to Him, become intimate with Him so we know what His vision is for our lives.

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