Say Goodbye to Mom Guilt

I spoke with a client today who is running a super financially successful business while staying at home with her small children and from the outside, looks like she is killing it (and she is!). But one of the things she struggles with most is guilt. When she’s working she feels guilty she’s not with her kids and when she’s with her kids she’s constantly distracted by work. 

Can you relate? 

Whether you’re a mom or an entrepreneur, or both – guilt is a terrible motivator. It works for a little while, but it never serves you in the long run. What if there was a way to reduce your guilt but at least half? In today’s Youtube episode I lay out 3 ways to reduce your mom guilt so you can be more present in your family and your business. Check it out here: 

Do you struggle with mom guilt? Let me know in the comments below.

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