12 thoughts on “Saying “Yes” to God

  1. Heather…this is beautiful. I recently was reading a book called, “Saying Yes to God.” And it talks about exactly what you shared…and perhaps God is reminding me that I need to be challenged to say Yes. I love the verse you shared at the end of this. XO Courtney

  2. yes, yes, yes! this is amazing on so many levels and what a wonderful reminder and challenge for us all to being learning to KNOW the voice of God better. Thank you for linking up with us and for blessing my day.


  3. hi heather, so nice to meet you. this blog was really great. and its true saying yes to God with the small things creates room for him to trust you with more. to tell you more, speak to you more and direct you more. i loved it and will start purposing to put this into practice more often. thanks so much for sharing..

  4. Thanks for sharing your story, Heather! It definitely isn’t always comfortable and doesn’t seem logical when we say yes to God. This was so encouraging and challenging!

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