Hold it Loosely: Sharing Christmas Link Up

Getting ready for Christmas at our house has included:

– Setting up a little Christmas corner for the kids. They get chocolates each day of December (I’ve given up on trying to do an activity each day or explain the message of Christmas using this format) and they cross off how many days are left til Christmas. We’ve done a few crafts, but honestly, their biggest thrill is opening those little doors and squealing with delight when they find the chocolate ball! We save lessons on the true meaning of Christmas for story time. We have a great collection of Christmas books and read a few of them each day.

– Decorating our real tree. We got ours pretty early this year because we’ll be spending Christmas in Alberta with Alex’s family. We usually decorate together, but this year Alex helped with the light on Sunday night, and Cohen and I put all the decorations on Monday afternoon while Claire napped. It was a pretty special moment with my boy.

– I love putting up twinkle lights on the mantle and this year I even hung all of our stockings, which I’ve never done before. We’ll be celebrating our little family Christmas on the 22nd before we leave on our trip and I’m excited to see them open their stockings (which I still need to shop for!!!)

– I’ve also created my own little advent corner on the kitchen table. It includes my Naptime Diaries advent prints, a beautiful birch log with four candles for each of the weeks of Advent, and a spot to read We Will Wait each day. I’ve so enjoyed creating my daily advent videos as well, which you can find here. Taking a moment each day (or every other sometimes) reminds me to quiet my heart and not get caught up in the the stress of presents and parties and Pinterest-worthy crafts.

– My Oma and I made a pretty pine cone wreath from pine cones found in our front yard. The kids also helped me make the popsicle stick snowflakes that hang in our front window.

So that’s a little bit of our Christmas. At this stage in life, I try to keep all “traditions” pretty fluid and hold things loosely.  My kids aren’t going to remember whether or not they got new pajamas every year on Christmas eve at this age, but they will remember if there was a feeling of warmth and being together, no matter what season it is. This season isn’t just about waiting for Jesus birth. It’s about enjoying the gift that’s already been given – the gift of Immanuel, GOD. WITH. US. His presence. That is what I want for my children, for myself and for you this holiday season.

Check out some of these lovely ladies I’m honoured to be co-hosting with, and their Christmas traditions AND feel free to link up and share yours as well!

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4 thoughts on “Hold it Loosely: Sharing Christmas Link Up

  1. I agree completely, Heather. Our kids will remember the feeling of warmth and time spent together more than anything else we do. I’m several years ahead of you as a parent and look back at the pressure I put on myself to create meaningful traditions with my kids when they were your kids’ ages and laugh! The time to get intentional will come… I linked up at if you are interested in continuing the conversation! Merry Christmas!

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