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Being on television was never on my bucket list.

Speaking in front of thousands, yes. But co-hosting and co-producing a tv show for girls aged 10-17, it just wasn’t on my radar.


But as of Friday I’m officially in pre-production mode for the Beautiful Unique Girl show, and 30 minute program which will air on HopeTV and be available on digital cable in approximately 6 million Canadian homes (watch nationally on Bell 591 or Rogers 174 and locally in Winnipeg on Shaw/MTS 11).

I first started working with the Beautiful Unique girl ministry in 2005, touring across the country and speaking to girls about finding their identity in Christ. Almost ten years later, I’m beyond excited, blessed, honoured and humbled to be working with this ministry again in this role.

I went for a walk this evening and was thanking God for this opportunity and thinking about how far He has brought me. You see, I was the girl that was bullied in elementary school and Jr. High. I was the one that cared SO much what people thought about me that it absolutely crushed me when I wasn’t liked. And I was the girl who became friends with Jesus because I literally didn’t have anyone else.

Now I have this amazing chance to speak to girls who are just like I was and tell them the truth – that they are loved, valued, precious, purpose-filled. That they are daughters of the King. That God didn’t make a mistake when He created them. And I couldn’t be more thrilled.

So now we plan and write and create 12 shows in the next 6 1/2 months. We start filming in the fall and then hopefully shows will begin airing at the end of this year.

God really does goes beyond all we can ask, dream or imagine, doesn’t He?



6 thoughts on “Some Exciting News

  1. so excited for you and this ministry. will it air in the US as well?

    kate himes
    (another christian b-schooler)

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