Sweetness Itself

I love sweet gifts from my husband.  He’s given me a dozen and one.

This boy gets me every time! I love the smell of his soft-as-a-petal skin, the sweetness of his baby breath and the way his lips curl when he smiles.  I can’t get enough of this creamy pink bundle, with all of his folds and creases.

The best and sweetest gift I’ve ever been given.

4 thoughts on “Sweetness Itself

  1. Oh dear gracious, look at those eyes. I was going to comment on the bouquet until I scrolled down a bit and met with that face. Precious! (shit, I sound like my mom…)

  2. Your blog is beautiful. I really enjoyed reading the story of how you met your husband. Sounds like the Lord has taken you on some crazy amazing adventures! Lovely to meet you.

    p.s. Way to go with the writing! How cool that you’ve started a business with it! And one more thing… Your little guys is soooooo absolutely adorable. What a sweetheart!

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