The Big 1 – 0

My baby boy turned 10 months on April 24th. Oh how true the saying, “the moments are long but the years are fast”. It really does feel like just yesterday I was holding my little bundle for the first time…gazing into those baby blues and feeling like those moments would last forever.

Photo credit: Photography by Jodi

Cohen Loves

-Eating. The kids is pretty pumped about solid food and finger food. He eats pieces of chicken, cheese, banana, avo, pretty much anything we put on his tray, he’s shoveling into his sweet little mouth. (shades of his daddy…)

-Playing. He smiles and laughs SO easily and loves playing with his mama and dada.

-Crawling. He started crawling a few weeks ago and is now motoring all over the place. He loves chasing Bailey and grabbing her tail, especially when she’s totally not expecting it.

-Standing. He pulls himself up on everything (couch, stroller, ottoman, high chair, etc.) He particularly loves standing at the window and watching Bailey in the yard, or watch for daddy.

-Walking. No, not on his own yet! Don’t rush the poor boy.  But if you hold his wee hands, he walks around like a boss. I’m sure he’ll be taking his first steps on his own far too soon.

– Sleeping. He’s now sleeping through the night (7pm – 6am)! This has been AMAZING.

Cohen Hates

-Diaper changes. Why the heck are you laying me on my back mom. This is not bedtime – its play time! Get a clue.

– Getting dressed for bed. (see above comment)

– Being lifted out of the bath. He screams bloody murder EVERY time. Maybe its the cold. Maybe it’s the impending bedtime…who knows.

– Waiting for food.  When his bum cheeks hit the chair there better be a spoonful of food hitting his lips.  If not – oooo, he’s gonna tell you ALL about it. Lots of loud yelling.

We Love

– That he’s saying Mama and Dada to us! He now looks right at you and says it. So sweet.

– His contagious smile.

– Making him giggle.  It doesn’t take much and the belly laughs start rolling.

– His soft lil belly. Love burying my face into his fleshy tummy.

6 thoughts on “The Big 1 – 0

  1. They do grow up so darn fast, don’t they? My little guy turned 15 months yesterday and I’m still struggling to work out how that happened. It’s like they arrive and set everything to fast forward.
    The pictures you’ve used in this post are just lovely. Especially of the two of you together. They really show that mother-son bond.

    1. It truly baffles me how fast it went. In those early days I felt like it was never ending (mostly cuz I wasn’t getting any sleep). But now I almost miss those late night feedings…almost : )

  2. I can’t resist adorable babies like yours! I should probably stay away for my own good, but I just can’t. Those eyes! That hair!! You are one blessed mama! But you know that. 🙂

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