The enemy’s Sneaky Trick

Yesterday one of my IG friends posted about how Instagram is getting a bad rep for giving an unrealistic image of what day to day life really looks like. She writes, “Chosen perfect moments are cropped, edited and put on display for all to see.” And it got me thinking and what I think is that Instagram isn’t to blame at all. Neither is Facebook or Twitter or any other form of social media. To be quite frank, I don’t think the cropping or editing or displaying is to blame either.

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So what or who is to blame?


Listen, I should not be upset at you or anyone else for posting beautiful, edited photos on Instagram or anywhere else and if I am, it’s really my own issue. The real problem isn’t the beautiful images others are posting, but the fact that I’m comparing those images to my life and feeling like I don’t measure up.

It breaks my heart because the enemy is having an absolute HAY DAY with us (especially those of us working and ministering online) using the sneaky little trick of comparison. He’s poking at our insecurities and our wounded places, whispering, “just look at her life, she’s got it all together.” “Why don’t you have as many followers, likes and comments as she does?” “Why aren’t you back in your pre-baby jeans – she is!”

Quite frankly, I’m sick of it. I’m tired of feeling like I don’t measure up. I’m tired of watching my friends feel like they don’t measure up. And I’m tired of the enemy piting us against each other and somehow not taking any of the blame for it.

Let’s call it what it is, friends. This isn’t about someone else not posting enough pictures of their messy living room (although, I really do LOVE those pictures). It’s about me agreeing with the enemy that somehow I’m not good enough.  It’s about me not taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. It’s about me forgetting that I am made in His image, fearfully and wonderfully, and that God is doing a good work in my life.

So let’s stop letting the devil get the best of us. Instead of comparing, let’s cheer one another on and put one another first. When we see something that tempts us to compare, instead, let’s bless the good work that God is doing in our sister or brother’s life. And most of us all, let’s stop agreeing with the enemy that we don’t measure up and instead press into the One who says we are worth more than life itself.



14 thoughts on “The enemy’s Sneaky Trick

  1. SO true Heather – thanks for posting this! In some time praying today, I got a picture of the sheepfold as portrayed in John 10 and felt like God had some wisdom for me on unity. Each sheep in the fold has to go though the gate – which is Christ Himself – each one enters by Grace alone – not on works, or looks, or accomplishment. All of us in that sheepfold are there because we are His… and though the Shepherd knows us individually and calls each of us by our own name, we all look similar – all are broken and sinful, and covered in His Grace.
    … It is such a struggle for me not to fall into the temptation of comparing and coveting.. but your right – we need to call it as it is and then go to the shepherd who knows us by name and allow Him to speak our value over us, and then lavish that value, blessing, and love on one another. Thanks for the reminder friend!!

  2. Oh Heather, you’ve nailed it. I’ve fallen into that trap, of wondering why I don’t see the “real lives” of my friends, both in real life and on line. But really, it does all come down to the fact that I an insecure and choose to compare my life to those that I see in photos. Thank you for speaking truth!

  3. So true Heather!! I think for many that can be so easy to get hung up on the comparison game. I find for myself, the thing I love about Instagram is how it actually reminds me to spend more time with my daughter, or out looking for the beauty in nature.

  4. Seriously. The best antidote to comparison for me has just been a little maturity to understand that’s not the whole picture, and a whole lot of deciding to trust what He says about me. It’s for sure a battle I find myself fighting often. I appreciate knowing you’re fighting next to me 🙂

    1. Exactly. I completely agree Sarah. We all have our warts and weaknesses, but even if I don’t know your whole story, I do know who God says I am. My identity is secure in that, regardless of the bright or dark side of anyone else’s life.

  5. Oh, it is so hard not to compare! Thank you for the reminder. I do have to tell myself that these people with seemingly perfectly-decorated homes have been at it a lot longer than I have in most cases. And I remind myself that my reason for being on Instagram is not to share my stunning photography skills (which I really do not have), but instead to share my life.

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