The Last 3 Days

It was a great weekend!  Here’s a little recap.

Friday – Baking with a dear friend and soaking in the Christmas spirit by the tree.

Saturday – I got my hairs did and it took 3 hours!  Girl’s got a lot of hair.

Sunday – Birthday (28 on Tuesday!) dinner with my family (bro and SIL, mom and dad, Alex and I).  Oh, and the most amazing Chocolate Lava Cake!

And just because he’s so darn cute I’ll slip one in from Monday, even though it’s not the weekend anymore.

Isn’t he just the best?!?

7 thoughts on “The Last 3 Days

  1. what a fun weekend!! I hope you did some mobile Facebooking or Pinterest during your 3 hour hair appt!! I darken mine 1-2 times a year (It is so much cheaper being bruenette!) and I do it out of a box and it takes 30 min ha! Your sweet baby boy is so cute!! I want to cuddle him! And happy early birthday woot woot!

  2. Looks like a great weekend, just perfect in all the right ways. And if I didn’t mention in my comments from the other day, YOUR SON IS THE CUTEST !!!

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