The Tour: Part Two

The Dining Room and Kitchen: BEFORE

Don’t you just LOVE the wallpaper?  That and the chandelier were the toughest to let go of.  But somehow I managed.

The Dining Room and Kitchen: DURING

That’s my dad.  He helped us do ALL the work in our house in ONE MONTH!!!  That’s why he’s kinda blurry, cuz he’s moving so fast.  He’s great! (ya, I’m talking about you dad)

And finally…

The Dining Room and Kitchen: AFTER

(This incredible wall was hand painted by my dear friend Jill.  Msg. me if you want her info!)

See how open it is now?  No wall between the two rooms! (The photo above was before it was totally done)

Next week, the nursery.

I’d love to see your latest reno or diy project.  Feel free to share a link below!

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