Then and Now

This past week I found myself in a moment of reflection – in front of a waterfall, near our family cabin. We were just going for a drive in the rain and suddenly I realized I’d been in here before, only one year earlier, but in such a different stage of life. I don’t think the girl on the left had any idea how much joy, challenge, love, exhaustion and adventure was coming her way. If I could talk to her now I’d say, “buckle up girl. it’s about to get crazy all up in here!” Cohen turned 11 months three days ago and preparations for his first birthday party are underway. I find myself cuddling him a little closer, breathing him in a little deeper and trying to drink in these fleeting moments. But time is like water rushing over rock, ever flowing and impossible to stop.

2 thoughts on “Then and Now

  1. this would be a great post to link at some of the inspy photo posting opps for sundays.. there’s a linky up at FHC if you’d like to join us … Welcome!
    and thanks!
    loved today’s life reflection…

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