This is How I Know He Sees You

Back in June, Alex and I travelled down to Redding California to check out Bethel and decide whether or not to move our family down here for 9 months so I could attend Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. I was really excited to check out the church on Sunday morning and experience in person what I’d been watching all year online.


My friend Jacob and I went to the early service to watch his wife, my bestie Amanda lead worship and then stayed for the teaching by Kris Valloton. We planned to stay for the beginning of the next service as well so we could be there for the worship twice (and because we’re super spiritual like that 😉 In between the two services a beautiful girl with dark hair that I’d never met before tapped me on the shoulder and said she had a word from God for me. We went into a nearby hallway and she shared a picture with me that so perfectly reflected where I was at, and encouraged my heart about what was to come. She prayed for me and I didn’t see hear again.

I didn’t go to Bethel expecting to have a stranger speak a prophetic word over me that Sunday. But as I thought and prayed about it, God reminded me that He sees us. He picks us out of a crowd because He loves us. And that day He wanted me to know that I wasn’t just a number in a crowd of people, but His daughter, His chosen one, His special possession.

Well if that wasn’t enough, get this.

We got into Redding yesterday evening and have spent the last 24 hours getting settled into our rental home, buying groceries, catching up on sleep and enjoying the pool. It’s been good, but to be honest, kind of lonely too. All of our friends that live in Redding are gone on tour for the next few weeks so there were no familiar faces to greet us.

But this morning I was playing in the water with the kids and suddenly a girl walks through the patio door (my mom let her in, don’t worry!) and onto the back deck. At first I don’t recognize her but then she says, “Do you remember me?” and it all comes back. The girl with the dark hair from that Sunday in June is standing on my porch. The girl who God used to pick me out of the crowd and remind me that He sees me is here in my backyard.

It turns out she was living in our rental house up until just a few days ago and was coming by to drop off the key. Somehow she found out I lived there and wanted to stop by to say hi. It was such a blessing to connect with her again and begin my first new friendship here in Redding.

And I’m crying as I write this because it’s too good to be a coincidence. It’s too creative and sweet to be chance. This is the way our kind, beautiful, gracious Dad works. He sees us. He knows our hearts. He cares and nurtures and provides in the most incredible way.

Today I pray if you’re feeling unseen, unknown, unloved that He would come and meet you. That you would encounter His loving presence in a way that reveals to the tender places of your heart how cared for you are by Him.

3 thoughts on “This is How I Know He Sees You

  1. Thanks Heather . . .so happy to hear you’re making your home there & He’s settling you in. As we travel back to our sweet home in BC, I’ve been shedding more than a tear or 2 (I could’ve added to the many rivers I’ve seen) about leaving family & starting a new season. Thank you for this word of truth. I know ‘he’s bigger than any battle I’m facing’. Peace to you & me as he watches
    over us.

  2. He DOES see us! What a great reminder. I am so looking forward to following along on this adventure of yours and to see what God is planning on doing through you and with you. Basically, I am living vicariously through you as well. I will be praying that your first classes go well and that you are reminded over and over again that He has planned this – that He goes before you and after you.

  3. Heather, will you lift me up? That I will believe and find my joy in the love the Father has for me? That my anxious, weak heart will be strengthened and calmed, and that I will know His presence? Thank you so much.

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