8 thoughts on “Vlog: Cohen Update

  1. Praying for sweet Cohen and your family! I can imagine that this adds a lot of emotions and a bit of stress to your otherwise hectic days. I will be praying that everything with Cohen’s neck gets straightened out and I will be praying for your heart and your emotions as well…you are a strong woman and you seem like such a sweet mother! Cohen is so blessed to have you by his side as he goes through this!

  2. I totally understand the emotions surrounding a child with torticollis. Anna had torticollis and after a few visits with the physiotherapist there had been no improvement. I felt as if I had not been spending enough time and energy making sure she was looking in the right direction and sleeping a certain way. It was a bit scary to think my child might look lopsided for the rest of their lives and that I hadn’t done enough to make sure the condition was corrected. Today she is almost 3 and looks totally normal. A little more time and conscious effort with treatment solved the problem. As a mother you always question if what you are doing is right or enough. It’s a hard job….that’s what’s brings me closer to God!!

  3. I just saw this. (Not sure how I missed it?) Anyway, I’m praying as always for that sweet ‘lil babe and especially his neck. And for peace for his mama too. 😉 You’re doing an amazing job caring for him, Heather, and I know God is going to heal that little neck soon! Love you guys! XO

  4. Oh Heather! I will be praying for baby Cohen!
    You have so much going on right now & I will be praying
    that God will fill you with strength, energy & peace for
    the emotional and physical whirlwind at hand!
    P.S. NOT in the blogging mood either! 😉

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